Discreet and special features of Divine Cure

Discreet and special features of Divine Cure [Nam Aukhad]

It is important to know the effectiveness of Nam Aukhad [Divine Cure] in comparison to the worldly medicines. In simple terms, there cannot be any match with super cures of Nam Aukhad, it is as a good comparison as the light of millions of lamps to the light emitted by heavenly body of Sun.
[Note: Please refer to the website: gurunanakhealing.com. And look into testimonials, there are four categories of patients and these would be referred to as Category 1 to Category 4. Category 1, would be of cancers; Category 2, Incurable and fatal; Category 3, Incurable and agonizing; Category 4, Surgery without knife. The page numbers of the web would be named in the particular category.]

  1. It is very fast, very effective and uproots the diseases. All the cases of the testimonials can be taken as proof of the above assertions.

    1. Can you ask for relief in on hour for the patient whose intestinal villi had been damaged owing to the onslaught of severe wheat allergy? Can any medicine afford relief to such a patient in seconds and the maximum time taken was just one hour? Please see Category 3 and page 7, the story of a small child, Suchain Sahnan who was cured in one hour. This is the speed of the relief.
      The same child was completely cured of his 7 year old problem. There are at least 3 such cases of wheat allergy who had been completely cured from the last few years. And the disease had been uprooted.

    2. All the patients in Category 1 and Category 2 are the true examples of very fast, effective and eradication of the incurable and fatal diseases.

    3. The Surgery uproots the diseases to an extent and results are not hundred percent certain. The chances of complications and failures are always there and some time it may end up in the death of the patient. And the relief is not immediate, the recovery takes time.
      Now compare with medical surgery of Nam Aukhad.
      The best living example is of Mr. Harmel Singh Bhardwaj, he had surgical problem of anterior dislocation of his right shoulder joint. He suffered from repeated dislocations of the shoulder joint on minor pulls and that disability persisted for 10 year till the time he prayed in the healing camp in 1992. The relief was immediate and permanent and his dislocation had not occurred since then. Please see Category 4, page 1.

    4. Wife of Dr Channan Singh Dhaliwal was similarly relieved permanently in seconds from fracture dislocation hip joint. Dr Dhaliwal is a retired physician by profession. Category 4, page1

    5. Dr. Mrs. Neelam Goyal was relieved from her very nasty comminuted fracture of right Femur. And after the three months of traction, the fracture was showing signs of non union and doctors did not want to operate as the chances of her leg getting amputated were there. She prayed and had complete relief, very fast. Category 3 page 5

    6. Instant relief of Sudhir Ramola of 3 months from Nairobi, suffering from recurrent chest infection was observed in Kenya. The child was crying all the time, no medical aid provided any relief to the child. That immediate cure was a great blessing to him. Category 3, page 4

    7. Psoriasis remains incurable and is life long disease and no one had been cured in the world. But psoriasis had been uprooted in Nancy and Jasmeet; these sisters did not have any relapse of the disease, in more than four years. Category 3 page 2

  2. One Nam Aukhad is capable of curing all the diseases.

    This is very useful aspect; it saves time of the patients and the organizers. If everybody had to be attended to individually and given some different verse or the sabad for relief then no body can attend to more than 30 to 40 people in 4 hours. And it would fix the hope and faith on the individuals who are organizing the healing camp. This is opposite to the teachings of Gurbani. Any verse of Sri Granth Sahib is capable of healing the entire universe of the diseases. Any one line of Gurbani is empowered to do the wonders. That line is very easy to be remembered by anyone. It is basically love and faith of God,
    that cures. Gurbani provides hotline connection to God; this is the reason behind such unparalleled cures.

  3. There is no side effect at all and it promises over all good health to all the members in the family.

    I don’t find any medicine which does not have any side effect. A lot of money and efforts are engaged to ensure the safety of the newer discovered drugs. And many times, after the initial approval of the drug, the drug is withdrawn from the market when the more serious side effects come to light after the drug was tried on some patients. And moreover, the wide gap between the therapeutic dose and lethal dose, determines the safety of the drug. And all the drugs cannot be used in children or infants, in certain diseases and old age. The drugs interact with each other, so one is required to go the specialist in the respective fields to get the suitable drug prescribed, which should be safe and effective. The wrong drug can really play havoc with the patient.
    Imagine the freedom of use of Nam Aukhad in any disease, for all the people of all the age groups and this can be used with any other drug and for any length of time. And the wonderful effectiveness makes it unique. As a matter of fact, blessed are those who happen to come under protective cover of this amazing super cure. All the diseases are cured in shortest possible time. The death cannot be overcome and it does come when it is destined to come. The amount of relief to the terminally sick patients is beyond imagination. The event of death becomes very peaceful. The close relatives and friends are also blessed; they get better prepared to face the ultimate reality of life. It benefits the entire family. Otherwise, there is gloom in the family and the life of everybody is adversely affected.

  4. Nam Aukhad is gifted by God, within everybody.

    It is the light of God within everybody and through this light, life is created, protected and destroyed by God Himself. There is no one else than God in this universe who can do all this. When you perceive this blissful light within yourself then some of the attributes of God, empower you. Through Gurbani we invoke His blessings and get the benefit of cures. This knowledge helps, that God has blessed all of us. So any body can get total relief. One does not need to find this from outside from anyone else. What is required is the knowledge of Gurbani, through which any body can harness this power, but all depends upon His grace. Only blessed ones would come to seek help through Gurbani.

  5. There is no need of going to hospitals for this medicine.

    The patients had to go the hospitals for getting investigated and diagnosed by the doctors; the objective is to get the proper treatment so that patients are able to get well in shortest possible time. When some body falls sick, the nations suffers, so many working hours are wasted.
    Nam Aukhad is available outside the hospitals, at your doorsteps; the only requirement is to join the congregation at your convenient time.

  6. It is compatible with any other medicine or procedure that needs to be given to the patients. If it is taken along with the other medicines then the effectiveness of other medicines improve and side effects and complications of the procedures are minimized, and chances of success improve many folds.

    The concept of Nam Aukhad is open and is not blind folded. New methods and proven procedures are recommended by us and the patients must avail of the advantages of scientific research. But in spite of all the research there are so many diseases where the modern medicines desperately fail to help, it is there that application of Nam Aukhad helps. Under such circumstances where some procedure or operations can help, the application of the Nam Aukhad would facilitate the treatment and help in getting more successful results.

  7. All the persons can take Nam Aukhad at their homes, irrespective of their age, Mental faculty, hearing and visual ability.

    These types of patients would require super specialty hospitals for the treatment. But for getting Nam Aukhad, all these patients would not require any different or special help. We have seen even a child with impaired brain functions and damage to the brain had same quick relief as any other person. The relief of Ramneet Singh is of special significance, his brain was damaged with multiple cysts and he made a very quick recovery. Similarly Gurpreet Singh a case of Cerebral palsy made a quick recovery. Please see Category 2 and page 1 for both the cases.

  8. Those patients who are unable to join the healing camps can get Nam Aukhad through somebody else. In other words, any body can take Nam Aukhad at a distance, through the prayers of some body else who would be attending the healing camp.

    Practically, this is not possible that mother takes the medicine and the son living thousands of miles away gets cured. This application works in Nam Aukhad only as it is super and beyond imagination. We have seen many cases of such cures in our service. Though, we could not obtain the record of such patients and these had not been posted. But we have addresses of people who had benefited. There was a school teacher whose married daughter was living in USA, in Alabama state. The daughter was married for 6 years, she could not bear any child as there were abortions at 3 to 4 months of pregnancy. With prayers here at Ludhiana her daughter gave birth to the normal child in USA. We keep praying for the relatives of our colleagues outside the country and we have many such reports of cure of the relatives. Any body can pray for any one else, and the patient may not be related to the person. This procedure is adopted by all the Sikhs through out the world daily. This forms the essential part of daily prayers.

  9. If you attend the Nam Aukhad sessions and are not aware of the disease you may be harboring, even then you get cured from unknown diseases. It means, you get the relief even if you don’t ask for the relief from the disease.

    God is the father of the universe. He loves His creation and is very kind. The problem with us is that we have turned our backs to Him and we are unable to get all what He can give us. This is precisely what happens when you pray to Him and He gives so much which you don’t deserve. He helps in your day to day life. We can say that prayers
    [Nam Aukhad] are protective vaccinations against sufferings of all kinds. If it is true then why don’t we pray to Him? This power of God is unknown to mankind and only those chosen ones come to know about it and those are blessed by Him.
    We have many such examples of cures with us. Maj. Balwant Singh is our founder member when he joined the mission he did not ask for relief to his very disabling disease of severe cervical spondylitis. Please look for Category 3, page 6. And similarly Maj Gurbax Singh did not ask for relief to the incurable disease of small shrunk kidney, he was surprised to find that his damaged kidney became normal. Please refer to Category 3, page 5
    Similarly the wife of Maj Balwant Singh, Mrs. Gurbachan Kaur was relieved from post herpetic neuralgia. Please see Category 3, page 2

  10. It is absolutely free and all can get same amount of relief, irrespective of financial status.

    This financial aspect matters a lot in poor countries like India. Who so ever comes can get Nam Aukhad. No charges are levied for attending these healing sessions. Free food and drinks are served during the camps. There are large group of people who love money and are misers, even these people would get relieved. Can money buy health and happiness? The answer is known to everybody, that money is not capable of buying good health and happiness to any one. So, only way of getting permanent happiness is Nam Aukhad. If you pray, then the money would serve you as a servant, and you would find that you have enough money for your needs and some extra money also for helping others. There won’t be any time in your life when you have to ask for help from outside for your needs. In case, such a turn had to come then you would find the money would come first then the need would arise. You don’t have to tell lies any time or deceive any body for your needs. If you tell lies and deceive others then plenty of money would not be able to cover your needs. And you may have to sell your self respect to fetch more and more money and the needs keep increasing and so would be your unhappiness and ill health of the entire family. The undeserved money would be acting like a poison for the family. Gurbani gives perfect guidelines to follow the right path.





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