Holistic Medical Practice is the need for technology orientated patients of the century

      Holistic Medical Practice is the need for technology orientated patients of the century.

                        * Joint replacement may not be needed.

                        * For your prostate problems affecting all people over 50 years. The drugs can make life much more comfortable and may not need operation.   

      Now a days,  everybody is sufficiently aware of maintaining good health. It is better, they are unable to buy their own medications directly from the pharmacy without prescription of the family doctor.  But what is happening is educated people try to learn from google or internet about the diseases and the treatment. But unfortunately, that does more harm than good. They are frustrated with the treatment which they get from renowned doctors or hospitals. One thing, should be very clear to my friends is that nobody can become a doctor on reading books only. You have learn to from the patients and through experience of dealing with them. That takes time to learn. Even what a general practitioner learns through experience is largely unknown to specialists. In  this situation , it is all the more important to look for evolving understanding of the different and distant doctors who may not be known to the concerned doctors. Many new unknown factors which were not published in the books or not been accepted by drug controlling authorities of the world, have become known and relevant to the larger interest of the ailing community.

             There are many such examples of brilliant doctors, who were bold enough to stand alone with sufficient evidence to accept the challenge of any body of doctors. It is just for giving an example,  it was firmly believed that  cholesterol  was bad and an enemy to good health . Contrary to largely accepted belief, Dr. Mary G. Enig, MD, had written boldly that cholesterol is not the enemy, rather it is very much needed for healthy life and it is essential friend. This has now been accepted throughout the world but after a lapse of decade of beating about the bush.  The problems related to cholesterol are many. The concerned governments acted very late and many precious lives were lost because of wrong propaganda through government controlled medical system which did not allow to use any natural fat or saturated fats for cooking or eating.  The drugs to lower the cholesterol level were blindly promoted.  As per information of this doctor, cholesterol protects the persons against heart attack, stroke, retina damage, kidney damage and could have prevented many deleterious side effects of diabetes mellitus. I feel happy that I promoted the use of 'desi ghee' clarified butter in my world wide tour of healing sessions through gurbani. This was promoted by a charitable institution in India and no charges were made for my discourses. As a matter of fact,  one can't count the benefits attributed to the use of desi ghee. It is a boon for people who had high BP, diabetes all diseases related to hardening of arteries. It is anti infective, protects eyes, skin, urinary bladder causing problem of incontinency. The whole world was deprived of miraculous anti allergic properties of its use. Here doctors need to  take stand for the benefit of suffering community in spite of the opposition from other sources. Just imagine, how common are brain disorders related to aging, speech, hearing, abnormal movements of body parts, parkinson, dementia and alzheimer diseases. All neurotransmitters are based on cholesterol. If you kill cholesterol, can you ever be normal. This is what can make this profession holistic. One must read and be convinced about the scientific facts related to any view which could not be accepted by the majority of the people. What I used to tell my patients, why should doctors' ignorance harm your health. You can keep  a watch on your health by getting total lipid levels done up more frequently after using unrestricted use of desi ghee. Guru Granth Sahib has sanctified the use of desi  ghee.

            Another example of a doctor, who is promoting holistic need for nutritional medicines for preventing many auto immune diseases is,  Dr. Ray D. Strand.MD. His work is commendable and  it needs to be accepted by all of us. I have tested the efficacy of his claims is laudable and helped many patients. He has cited the relief to his wife from autoimmune disorder with the use of these nutritional medicines. FDA or any other medical agencies may not accept owing to certain constraints, but nobody can prevent its promotion for the benefit of millions of people. That is the basic reason that these drugs are not available on the counters and this drug  can be had on line only by anybody. He did not promote any drug. But, on search, I could pick up his proposed prescription for the use of these nutritional substances. All of these are largely met in a product, 'More than a Muliplte'. This drug is produced by American Health, this  can be bought  by anybody in the world on line. Same is true for the drugs, promoted by other distinguished  doctors in USA.

      Now the latest in this series is Dr. David Brownstein MD, he has covered, many of the diseases  we don't have steady and workable solutions. The most important is prostate problems  in men including cancer prostate. Thyroid, ovarian, liver and most of the cancers, we don't have foolproof treatments. The other common problem affecting both sexes equally is arthritis.  His commendable work can help millions of patient across the world. I have listened to his deliberations in audio form along with  newspaper as adds.  To my mind these could be helpful to prevent cancers of prostate and  help arthritis to a large degree.  He admits having completely cured the joint problem of his father within shortest possible time. I am sure, that is more than a testimony to convince the listeners. This does help. I have covered  only these two fields  only, as he says, cancer prostate is the biggest killer of men above 75 years and prostatitis making the life of  many males above 50 years miserable. Now what we are doing for these desperate males in  managing their problems.  We do test PSA for the stage of cancer or no cancer. This test is not reliable and medicines given to control the disease hardly help. He had enumerated some solutions for  handling the problems.

1. Healthy diet: Our diet in USA and other developed countries are based on processed and preserved foods. Their use should be  minimized. Preservatives are used to lengthen the expiry date of the products.  These are more harmful than good. Your diet should contain fresh and organic foods. These preserved foods promote inflammation. Bromated flour is used  for making bread as it helps in holding it together. It is harmful. Arsinine is another food additive which is found to be harmful. One serving of fresh fruit should be included in daily diet chart.

2. Avoid taking drugs to manage the urinary problems associated with this. And all these drugs are known to promote cancers and don't give any relief.

3.Maintain  normal harmone levels. Male harmone gets decreased and female harmone increases with this problem. Take natural testosterones and synthetic drugs don't help and these rather increase the female harmone oestrogen,  which is harmful.

4.  Blood iodine need to be tested regularly.  It is believed that 96 % of the population are deficient in iodine. Decreased levels are associated with not only thyroid cancer, but also prostate cancer and other cancer risks of liver, ovaries etc.  The best option could be to take iodized common salt. The fury of cancers or epidemic  like situation in Bathinda area of Panjab could be related to iodine deficiency in water.  That  could be connected to  fluorine content in water also.

5. Plenty of fluids are needed daily. Our bodies contain 70% water and fluid intake could be plane fresh water. Carbonated and caffeinated drinks  and other related soft drinks, fluids and preserved juices should be replaced with fresh juices.  These drinks cause dehydration as they suck water from tissues. Take maximum fluids in day time and stop taking excess fluids at least three hours before sleep.

6. Heavy metals like mercury in tooth filling, lead and arsenic are not good and should be avoided.

7. Exercise is a must for all people and some may be disabled. They can move their back backward, forward and twist it. And similarly move limbs in bed or wheel chair.  15 to 20 minutes  per day, suffices to make your body and brain irrigated with fresh blood.

8. Avoid pain killers, antacids and other anti inflammatory drugs which may be recommended by your doctor. You will be surprised to find how effective are nutritional medicines to counter fibromyalgia and other body pain. Your immunity against infections will be increased and your sickness rate would decrease.

9. He has used a herb extract which had been found to heal aching joints for over 2000 years. That was the time of Holy Jesus Christ. It is named as Boswellia. Now it has been purified and made more effective and known as ApresFlex. It has been verified to improve joint circulation, heal damaged cartilage with healthy inflammatory response to heal the damaged joints. It improves joint movements, lessen pain and avoid the need for joint replacement. This  news can help millions of people across the world if found working. I have seen myself my knee damaged by gouty arthritis are doing better with lesser pain in less than five days. He advocates his formulation Limbex for all types of arthritis. I have found with nutritional supplements, frequency of urination at night has improved. It is very troublesome for anybody. It is available in USA and other countries on online only.

10. Please pray to God, God is one, He loves each one of His creations. Join the congregation and pray with others. No hatred, love for everyone. Nobody is bad and forgive and forget the enemy who may have committed some crime against you. Just love him and help him if you can. You will be highly respected. We are holding healing sessions in Canada and India. Please visit the website:, www.gurunanakhealing.com, www. gurbanihealing.com, www. curesbygurani.com, You will understand how powerful the prayer is !

       Guru Nanak loves all of you and gives the super formula to live very healthy, happy and contented life. 

     " Adopt forgiveness for all and do no harm to your enemy. Make a lifelong firm commitment of  speaking sweet words and live a fully contented life. If you do so, no disease will afflict you in  your entire life and no agent  of God will torment or question you. You will be honored at the highest throne of God."


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11. Nutritional supplements must be added for preventing cancers and increasing immunity.

            ' More than a multiple' is a good substitute for minerals and many other micronutrients.

            Vitamin B 12 , 1000 mcg

            Vitamin E- 400 IU, could be taken, it can strengthen your immunity.

           For you prostate the new formulation by Dr. Brownstein is ' Prostate Revive'.

            And for all types of arthritis and joint pains you can try Limbex or Triple joint relief.


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