Super cures in Healing Camp of Sep. 11 at Ludhiana.

Super cures in Healing Camp of Sep. 11 at Ludhiana.  

Consistent results and wide spread acceptance of Cures through Gurbani had made this method very popular across the world. It is not surprising that people not only from all the corners of India but also from Australia, Thailand, UK and USA joined the healing camp of Sep,2011 at Gurdwara Singh Sabha Sarabha Nagar Ludhiana.

Results of super cures are as follows:

  1. Harmandeep Singh s/o Jasbir Kaur and Gurtej Singh , Vill. Wakeela wala, Zira, Distt. Ferozepore. Phone 88723 83896

    Brain damage after asphyxia neonotorum DOB ,March 01,2005. [ updated on Oct,2011]

    The child was borne full term and did not cry at birth and he had to be shifted for assisted breathing. The child remained in the hospital for one month which resulted into regular breathing but the child was unconscious and the doctors discharged the child with gastric feeding tube. The doctors showed their inability to help in any way.

    By the time he was brought to the healing camp at Ludhiana in 2009 he was spoonfed and there was control on bladder and bowel. Lying unconscious with eye balls turned upwards and no body movements. Her mother felt the changes in the very first camp and she continued bringing the child to the healing camps at Ludhiana held twice yearly.

    In Sep 2011 healing camp there is dramtic improvements. He can communicate and understand the verbal commands and conveys his needs. He looks like any other normal child and can walk with assistance. He is eating on his own. He sleeps well. This is amazing cure.

  2. Sukhraj Singh, aged 63 years,[ updated on Oct,2011] , St no 7, Shaheed Master Karnail Singh Nagar, Pakhowal, phase 2. Ludhiana Phone;9417290523, 0161 2560523

    Cervical Spondylosis, Lumbosacral spondylosis with Canal stenosis,

    He lived normal and active life till he suffered from repeated attacks of malaria in Dec 2009. Then he developed excessive feeling of coldness in both the hands and he had to keep the blower to make the hands warmer. It was followed by inability to walk and his left lower limb was more effected than the other one. And in just five days before his admission in the hospital he was bed ridden and was unable to walk or move his hands and his power of hands was decreased and he was unable to make a firm grip. He was investigated in DMC Ludhiana and was advised urgent surgery. And the surgeons told him the chances of failure of surgery and complications. He refused operation and got discharged from the hospital. He attended the healing camps at Ludhiana at different places. He felt a lot better. He continued doing prayers at home and in the last camp of Sep 11, he has fully recovered and walks 5 kms per day and he is normal.

  3. Atamjit Singh aged 45 years s/o Harbhajan Singh, 421 MIG Flats, Phase 1, Jalandhar. Phone: 99281 43552, ,[ updated on Oct,2011]

    Bilateral Chronic Renal Parenchymal Disease. Cerebral atrophy

    With these incurable diseases he was unable to walk or speak properly. His kidney function has improved that is what he feels. We don’t have facilities to get the tests done during the camp. But improvement in his health is fair indication of his over all improvement. Now he is able to walk without any problem and he can communicate by speaking. This cure is not possible in such a short time.

  4. Navdeep Kaur aged 32 years of Aman Avenue, Outside Gate Hakiman, Amritsar

    Rheumatoid Arthritis. There was swelling and pain the small joint of fingers of the both the hands. She had to take pain killers as a first thing in the morning after the cup of tea with biscuits. Pain would persist and the swelling would not be relieved.

    She attended the camp and she did not take any medicine from the very first day and she was free of pain and there was no swelling. The relief is remarkable which she had never seen before for the years. She is very happy.

  5. Bishan Kaur age 70 years from Jalandhar.

    She had a number of problems, frequency of urination and difficulty to control the passage of stools and she would soil her clothes. She had frequent motions for four to five times per day. She had history of Cholecystitis and operation for piles. She was looking sad and devastated with problems. She was given a new lease of life in the healing camp. There is control on her frequent urinations and urgent lose motions. These are the blessings of Guru Nanak.

  6. Kamalpreet Kaur aged 2½ years, d/o She Rajeev Saini, X-1-14, Navy Nagar, Mumbai -05, Phone: 09702572606/

    Lumbosacral Meningomyelocele Spina bifida, She had no sensations in lower limbs. No control on urination but had control on bowel movements. Before coming to the healing camp she would pass hard stools after 3-4 days. After coming to the camp she is passing stools every day some time two times a day. She has put on some weight and there is some sensation in her lower limbs. The parents are hopeful the child will recover in coming days with continued prayers.

  7. Simranjit Singh age 15 years s/o Inderjit Singh, 296 Station Area Nilokheri, Karnal.

    Marked Scoliosis cervico dorsal spine x rays. MRI Brain shows- Marked Asymmetric dilatation of right lateral ventricle with large posterior fossa cyst, Small arachnoid cyst in posterior fossa in Occipito parietal region.
    The child attended healing sessions at 385-L , Model Town Ludhian for four days then the recurring pain in the back disappeared. The child was lazy and bed ridden , the child is playful and happy after attending the healing camp in Sep 11 at Ludhiana. There is a hope the child would recover without operation. The parents had refused operation.

  8. Simarjit Singh Gill s/o Jagjit Singh Gill age 41 years, Vill. Acharwal,PO- Pheruraan, Teh- Raikot Distt. Ludhiana.

    Severe Mental Retardation. He was born full term but did not cry at birth and he required hospitalization to initiate the breathing. His brain functions were impaired. His growth was slow and developed seizures.
    When he was brought to the camp in March 11, he was unable to speak, used to cry very loudly, would bite the hands of the person who would touch him, tear off clothes, on minor irritation he would sweat and become breathless. He could walk with support with wide spread out steps. He was handicapped. He started walking with support at the age of 10 years. In Sep 11, his behavior has become very pleasant and he wants to meet and greet people. In comparison he was irritable and was showing anguish all the time before joining the healing camp. Now he enjoys prayers.

  9. Skandar Singh s/o Mehar Singh age 59 years, 22624, Gali no 13, Bhagoo Road, Bhatinda. .

    Pancreatic cancer was operated on 17.8.11 and had been given radiation and chemotherapy. When he came he needed the support of wall to sit and he felt improvement the very first day of the camp as he was more energetic now that was not required on Oct 1,2011. He has learnt about disease and need for Gurbani. He felt active and felt he did not have any disease. He says he will have positive thinking in future and do simran for getting permanent relief.

  10. Bhajan Singh age 59 years, Vill Rolli Kalan, PO Chakalan, Teh-Chamkaur Sahib, Distt- Ropar .

    Prostate Cancer from one year. [ Adenocarcinoma prostate grade 3, PSA-11.3 ngm/ml] He was attending the healing sessions of 385 L Model Town Ludhiana before joining the present camp. He had to go to 4-5 times to bath room for urination and would get no sleep. in the camp he was comfortable and required to go to bath room only once or twice per night. He is hopeful of getting well with the help of Gurbani.

  11. Amrik Singh age 48 years, Vill. Chak Dhariwal, PO-Sarnastation, Teh-Pathankot, Distt- Gurdaspur.

    He is very happy he has given in writing the following relief in many trouble some symptoms. Relief to BP, Frequency of urination for 4-5 times per night had reduced to only once, he had tinnitus in ears that is relieved. He had developed faith in God and Gurbani.

  12. Sukhmanjot Kaur d/o Harjit Kaur DOB : 7.1.2001 ,Kailpur road, Near Bijli Ghar. Mullanpur, Ludhiana, Phone 98153 75087,[ updated on Oct,2011]

    Pilocystic Astrocytoma. Prayers changed the nature of the fast growing ganglioglioma [ diagnosed in 2005]. Now it is diagnosed as pilocystic Astrocytoma after surgery in July 2011. In 2005, she started having severe headache, vomiting and impaired vision and ended up in complete loss of vision in the following few months. She had increased size of the head. She had the treatment from Homeopathy for two years with the treatment headache disappeared but tumor size kept increasing in serial MRI done each year. She had the treatment from Shri Ramdev Ayurvedic Patanjali yoga system for one year but her condition got worsened. The doctors in the hospital did not promise any relief with surgery. Then her mother Harjit Kaur took her to Shri Darbar Sahib, Amritsar in Sep, 2009. On reaching back to Ludhiana some God fearing man a medical practioner suggested her to attend the healing camps in Ludhiana under the guidance of Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Nam Mission. There she was not given any medicine. [Please read our earlier report and the picture of the child in 2010 in the website] The child started getting better and overall health improved. The prayers helped her to get the earliest appointment in AIIMS New Delhi. She was operated in July, 2011. She did not get ataxia and incoordination or any other complication associated with cerebellar tumors. And the doctors had indicated that her vision could be normal within few months. And she is feeling better perception of the light now. Prayers helped her at every stage of treatment.

  13. Harmeet Kaur, age 43 years, LIG Flats, Dugri Urban Estate Phase 2, Ludhiana.

    She was diagnosed as having bilateral advanced stage 3, breast cancer[ reference page 3 of Cancer patients, in testimonials in the website,,], She was under constant observation and clinical examination. She presented with some other minor problem on Oct 5, 2011, then again revealed no mass in the left breast, otherwise in the previous examination she had very small nodule. She is completely relieved of her breast cancer. This has not occurred any where in the world, this is simply beyond description.

  14. The cases of Wheat Allergy- Celiac Disease : Who got cured in Healing camp of Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Nam.

    1. Rama age 19½ years of Sharifpura, Amritsar, She had wheat allergy since birth and she had received treatment from different sources without any relief. She had lost all hopes of getting better. She feels she is better to an extent of 75%.

    2. Anahita Chawla age 3 ½ years of Sarabha Nagar Ludhiana. The child is normal and eating wheat from the last fortnight.

    3. Anmol Veer Singh 7 years of Vill. Lallian, Ludhiana. When the child was 1½ old he developed fever and after the fever the wheat allergy was detected. No medicine was given and precautions were being taken. Now the child is eating wheat without any problem.


    4. Nidhi aged 2 ½ years of Railway Road Sirhind, She was broght to the healing camps at 385-L Model Town Ludhiana. The child had been cured.

    5. Ranvir Singh age 4 years of Chur pura , PO. Neta ji Nagar, Ludhiana. Wheat allergy from the last two years had been cured and is taking wheat without any problem.

    6. Chitsimran Singh aged 3 years of 16 Sant Channan Singh Colony, Outside Chatiwind gate, Amritsar. The child suffered from wheat allergy from the last 1½ years and had lose motions also. His parents took him to to 385L Model Town Ludhiana for healing sessions and the chid is eating wheat and there is no problem.

    7. Gurleen Kaur age 35 years, New Model House, Jalandhar. She had thyroid disease [ did not bring any record] and wheat allergy. Her wheat allergy had been cured and she feels her thyroid problem looks relieved.

    8. Tanshey age 2½ years s/o Sumit, New Kundan Puri Ludhiana, The child had developed cramps in abdomen and lose motions. Now the child is eating wheat there is no pain or lose motions.




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