When the dreaded end of life becomes bearable and acceptable

When the dreaded end of life becomes bearable and acceptable

 No body could defy nature's binding and final law- whatever had been created has an end. Human race is the most evolved and advanced creature. It can communicate its feelings to others and find some ways to improve its own fate and that of others of its own kind. We know how the end of life is tragic in terminal cases of cancers and other incurable diseases. Can we help the end to be peaceful in such cases? And the patients of all such cases of cancers know the end is near. All these patients with the end a few days away have all the systems of the body in a compromised condition. The lungs, the brain and the heart could have been damaged due to inherent primary disease or due to so many other causes. All these patients suffer from severe body pains, vomiting, impaired consciousness, no control on urine or bowel, no sleep and no appetite. And the doctors in the hospitals give only symptomatic treatment to make them to reach the end a bit comfortably. This may be the story of so many patients nearing end.

We feel really blessed by His grace that we able to bring semi permanent relief to such patients and to their kith and kin. Can any medicine or other measure make life permanent? These remedies can work till the end is there. If that is so then there is no better method to give lasting relief to such patients. We have many examples to relate and to prove the point.

  1. Late Mrs. Ravneet Kaur

    A terminal case of extensive metastasis in brain from primary breast cancer. Her presenting symptom was severe headache and giddiness and MRI showed the metastasis. The radiotherapy had made her condition a little more unbearable. Her close relations knew her end was near. She started coming to the mission just for one hour daily and the relief she obtained was just marvelous. She did not have any problem and she was feeling sorry as to why she did not come earlier. She enjoyed relief for over a month then suddenly the severe headache started and she became unconscious and within a couple of days she leaves the body. One wonders how any relief could be there for her over a month. That was enjoyable time for her.

  2. Late Mrs. Gurmeet Kaur Sodhi

    She presented to us at terminal stage. She had cancer breast operated and massive secondary in lungs and her mediastinum was pushed to one side. She obtained miraculous relief for over two months and on the last day of her life she says that she does not want to suffer any more if she has to go she may go in the form she was in that time. She fell unconscious on the same day and passed away in a short time.

  3.  Late Mrs.Gurcharan Kaur Khurana

    Her life was seriously impaired, climbing stairs or normal walking was not possible for her and she would find herself breathless. The disability did not improve with the treatment. She suffered from dilated cardiomyopathy and her left ventricular ejection was only around 24%. She suffered for nearly 10 years before she could join the healing sessions. Her life changed and she did not require medicines and she was relieved. She remained in perfect health for 2 years. She attended the healing camp on the last day of her life. On the same night she expired.

  4. Late S.Balwant Singh Maan

    He was normal and active when his heart was totally incapacitated with ejection fraction of left ventricle at 15 %. And he maintained perfect health till the end. About 6 years before his death, he was bed ridden and was having his treatment from the reputed hospitals and ejection fraction of left ventricle was 22 % during those days. Why he was normal with EF being 15 % only, cannot be understood. But one thing was there he never missed the healing sessions during the last 6 years of his life. His echocardiography record can be seen in our website: www.gurunanakhealing.com

  5.  Late Sh. Pawan Dhir

    An advanced case of cancer lungs from 2003 in terminal state. He was operated to remove his larynx bones from his neck which were damaged due to metastasis and there was open wound at the site. He had incessant cough, blood stained expectorations, no appetite, had grown very weak and could hardly move on his own. He along with his wife Mrs. Madhu Dhir started attending the one hour sessions of healings in Ludhiana. He had shown remarkable improvement, there was no cough, no bleeding and improved appetite and he felt very happy .His relief was sustained for over a month. We were so happy to find the entire family fascinated with the relief, but he had to go after the brief stay in the hospital.

Some of the patients in terminal illness are enjoying the blissful relief.

  1. S. Balbir Singh

    Diagnosis: Cystic astrocytoma brain

    God knows he should not have been alive today, he was bed ridden unable to speak or understand anything. He was operated twice and doctors had told the relatives, he cannot survive beyond a few days. That happened in September 2007, and it was the time of the healing camp. He was brought in that state to the camp. Can you imagine he has shown steady progress.? He is on his own. God knows how long he is going to make it. This is something you cannot believe. And the time period is more than 6 months.

God is all powerful and He can do anything which science cannot explain. Let us pray to God all the time.

Agra Healing Camp at Gurdwara of North Idgah from October 14 to 17th 2011.

A unique, memorable, exceptional press reporting of a very successful camp.

Dr. Balwant Singh

  It was unique, unexpected, exceptionally brilliant reporting of the healing camp. In my entire life, I have not seen such devoted team of press reporters who were curious and wanted to know the real story behind all our claims. There reports appeared in 4 to 5 local and national newspapers for two days and local TV channels, Sea News Channel, Moon Cable News and DC Cable News covered the events and gave 10 minutes for this important and relevant information which can transform the lives of so many people. There reporting was analytical based on truth and unprejudiced. I felt these reporters valued reality than any force or pressure put up by political bosses. This is uncommon. I sincerely wish them all success and prosperity in their lives. The few names of the newspapers are as follows: Kalptaru Express; Hindustan city live; Amar ujala; Inside, Dainik Jagran, Hindustan main edition. The local god fearing politician Sh. Yogendar Uppadhaya played a key role in writing about the camp activities and he attended the entire healing camp and all the sessions.

  The healing camp was different and public and the organizers did not know much about healing powers of Gurbani. The results were astonishing and established well the super power of Gurbani. It was spontaneous and emotional self reporting of the healed patients and we did not ask anybody if some of them got some relief. It happened in another location at Gurdwara Madhu Nagar, Agra on Sunday Oct. 16 in the morning special session of healing camp. The patients were exhilarated and excited to get the unexpected complete relief where the doctors or medications from known experts could not help them. Some of the patients were suffering from diseases which cannot be cured by longer medical intervention or treatment.

  The following is the brief description who felt substantial, unexpected and speedy relief from their long standing problems:

  1. Ajit Kaur, age 63 years, Ajit Nagar Colony, Agra UP. Diabetes, OA knees. Ph. 0562 2301051 She felt better on the very first day and her sugar level was controlled without medicines in the camp. She is satisfied and happy.

  2. Narinder Kaur Cheema, age 65 years, West Arjun Nagar, Agra. Ph. 09997133001 Joint pains and back ache. She felt limitations in her walking and would get unbearable pain. She felt comfortable and was relieved to an extent of 75 %.

  3. Harish Harwani age 41 years. Malka Bazar, Baraghar Gali, Agra. Ph’ 75206 40157. Cancer – retroperitoneal seminoma. Had chemotherapy and radiation. Felt extremely weak, depressed, lying all the time on bed and lost hope of life. There was dramatic change in him. He felt cheerful and energized on the very first day. He felt life worth living and there is diametric change in him.

  4. Darpan Bhasin, age 19 years, Hari Shankar Puram, Gwalior, MP. Ph.9425773245. Celiac Disease. He felt weak, feverish all the time, and sweating in hands and feet. He felt cheerful and healthy after taking wheat for two days in the camp.

  5. Archi Sethi age 7 years, Masiha Ganj, Sipri Road, Jhansi. Ph.2362743. Celiac disease – Wheat allergy. Felt weak, retarded growth, indigestion. Felt very happy and cheerful after being able to take wheat after so many years.

  6. Jasprab Singh age 4 years. Friends Colony, Shahganj, Agra. Ph.98371 61620. Cerebral palsy. Unable to speak and walk. The child felt good and cheerful which he never felt before any time.

  7. Ramesh Kumar Keswani age 58 years, Pratiksha Enclave, Dayal Bagh, Agra. Ph. 94560 24191.Chronic colitis, amoebiasis and tension. He writes, Anand, Anand and Anand. No better description of relief.

  8. Amarjeet Kaur age 39 years, Krishangarh, Agra, Ph. 94571 92771, Joint pains unable to do routine jobs, thyroid problem. She was discouraged and now she feels positive and energetic.

  9. Raunaq age 9 years, Model Town Agra Cantt. Ph.94540 31096. NCC Brain- Cysts in brain caused by worms. Headache, anguish all the time. The child is transformed, happy and no headache.

  10. Sirjan Aneja age 4 years, Guru Teg Bahadur Enclave, Agra. Ph. 8909772965. Cerebral Palsy, The child can sit and speak better than before and parents are very happy.

  11. Bhupinder Singh Sethi, age 59 years, North Idgah Colony, Agra. Ph. 94122 56510. BP and Headache. He felt Guru Ki Kirpa and a lot better.

  12. Jaskeerat Kaur age 12 years,Kishangarh, Agra, Ph. 94571 92771. NCC- worms in brain. She is feeling better and her mother feels and hopes she would be cured.

  13. Darshar Kumari Ved, age 65 years, Mustafa Quarter, Agra. Ph.98378 71995. Breathing problem. She feels better.

  14. Harvinder Kaur. Shamshabad Road, Agra. Ph. 98977 64509 Age 50 years Hypothyroid and cervical spondylitis. She felt better and relieved.

  15. Harpreet Singh age 60 years , Shamshabad Road, Agra, 98977 64509, Sciatica and shoulder pain. He feels better.

  16. Ansuya age 68 years, MIG Lakashmipuram Agra. Ph. 84397 79300. Joint pains and Heart problem. She feels better.

  17. Om Parkash Aggarwal, age 70 years, Lakshamipura, Agra. Ph. 2210039, Knee joint problem family disharmony and no help from his own people. He feels better.

  18. Gurbachan Singh Chawla age 70 years. Idgah Colony, Agra. Ph. 97190 68885. Pancreatic cancer. He feels better.

  19. Kuldeep Kaur age 49 years. North Idgah Colony. Agra Ph. Thyroid, sugar and BP. Feels good.




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