March 2012, Healing Camp, at Ludhiana. Unique results with the grace of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.

March 2012, Healing Camp at Ludhiana. unique results with the grace of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.  

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    We believe that it is a gift of God to reward us with such astounding results. And it implies that Guru Nanak approves our service and we feel happy and proud about it. We cannot ask for more than what He has given us. The range of diseases was quite large involving many organ systems.

 1.  Kamaljit Kaur, Nawanshahar. Ph. 98723 30328. Diagnosis-Infiltrating ductal carcinoma breast, grade 2, with metastasis in axilla and supraclavicular region. She had 20 cycles of chemotherapy and was depressed and had lost all hopes of further survival. She was not operated as the cancer was extensive and large in size. She kept crying and praying.

    Divine light-A white coloured divine light emerged from the stage of ladies singing religious hymns and it rose up and was directed towards her. Before entering her body its colour changed into red and entered the body through diseases right breast and gave her instant relief and confidence of complete cure. The ladies sitting near her saw her saying waheguru, waheguru loudly for quite long time and she was not aware of the ladies had stopped singing.

2. Primary infertility- There were two young couples, where all the medical treatment could not bless them with children. The constant association with healing camps brought about happiness in their lives when they were blessed with normal healthy full term baby girls.

     A. Gurleen Kaur New Hargobind Nagar, Ludhiana. Phone 98882 77232. Blessing came about after three and half years of failed treatment.

     B. Manpreet Kaur and Harpreet Singh, Phone 09317781155,09915048833, married since 2005. Now blessed with the child –Ushveen Kaur.

3. Gurleen Kaur, Amritsar. Diagnosis- Epilepsy from 9 years, Felt better in the camp.

4. Rajinder Kaur Gill, Melbourne, Australia. Phone: 0397004856. She had colorectal cancer in 2004. She had her treatment from the cancer hospitals. The primary cancer got cured but secondary metastatic invasion of her liver was threatening her life. The treating doctors had shown their inability to help her. She was inspired by the missionaries from Ludhiana who were on visit to Melbourne precisely during that time. She felt that visit had prolonged her life. She came to Ludhiana. She could eat normal food after a very long time. She was feeling more energetic in spite of 15 hrs of prayer sessions daily with some breaks in one day. She feels Baba je had blessed her complete relief. She refers Shri Guru Granth Sahib as Baba ji.

5. Dr. Dalbir Singh, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Diagnosis- Allergy to wheat and milk, blisters in retina causing blindness, prostrate problem and low back ache.

 He is the first doctor of medicine who had come all the way from Malaysia along with his wife and both of them were very happy and he enjoyed eating wheat on the first day and he could tolerate it without any reaction. He would like to spread this message across the world.


6. Kulwant Kaur,  Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Diagnosis- Wheat allergy, rheumatic arthritis, depression, diabetes.

She has written,”  For the first time after long time, last night [ on Friday night] I had good sleep. I am very blessed to attend this camp. It has given me a lot of confidence and I am going to be healed. I look forward to coming back again. Thank so much.”

 Her hand would turn red owing to intense irritation after eating wheat products, she did not show that reaction after eating wheat during all the days of camp.

7.  Amar Singh Oberoi, Basti Sheikh, Jalandhar. Diagnosis- Alzheimer Disease.  Weak memory, keeps repeating the same thing again and again. His wife is very happy and wishes that these camps be held at Jalandhar also.

8. Gurdip Singh aged 3 years, Kota, Rajasthan. Diagnosis- Cerebral palsy. Had seizures,  cries on  listening to cries, poor understanding, does not speak and does not walk.

His mother had noticed a lot of improvement in her child. The child does not cry and is more comfortable and she feels the child would be normal soon.

9. Harjas Singh age2 ½ years,  Preet Nagar, Patiala. Diagnosis- weakness, unable to walk and speak since birth. The child is much improved than before and this is second healing camp. His mother is very happy with changes and she says the child is normal now.

10. Arshveer Singh Saluja, age 6 months, New Kidwai Nagar Ludhiana. Diagnosis-Myoclonic jerks, cries a lot. Saliva dribbled from his mouth. Could not hold his head. He had shown remarkable improvement, he is alert, saliva does not dribble. He is more active, his mum is happy.

11. NIrmal Singh, Kot Mangal Singh, Ludhiana. Diagnosis- prostrate problem, no appetite, vomiting. He had his treatment from hospital without any relief. There is complete transformation. His appetite became normal, did not vomit and looks happy and relaxed.

12.Dhandeep Singh Saluja, age 9 years, Sadar Bazar, Sagar. M.P, Diagnosis-DM type 1. The child is changed now. He is cheerful, asks for more food, and does not look tired as previously. It seemed that his sugar level had gone down and dose of insulin was reduced.

13. Sukhraj Singh, Shaheed Karnail Singh Nagar, Ludhiana.  Diagnosis- Degenerative changes in his lumbar and cervical spine. He had lost all movements of his body and was lifted from one place to another. He is absolutely fit now and with continued attendance of healing camps from the last two years.

14. Celiac disease.  A large number of patients had benefited and we allow the wheat products on the very first day of healing camps. Those who came had taken wheat on first day of the camp and these children remained normal after eating wheat on all the five days. We have not met anybody who had some problem after eating wheat. This is remarkable and touching the lives of the people.

   A. Komalpreet Singh age 6 years, Guniana Mandi, Bhatinda. The child had problem for 3 years. Now he is cured.

   B. Vinayak, aged10 years, Katra Dal Singh Amritsar.  The child is very happy and he could enjoy his food after 6 years.

   C. Nandni, aged 2 years, Majitha Road, Amritsar. Wheat allergy detected 6 months earlier. The child eats wheat and is normal.

   D. Amrit Dheer aged 11 years, Majitha Rod, Amritsar. Suffered for 3 ½ years. He is enjoying food now.

   E. Karmanjot Singh, age 8 years.  Hospital Road, Ambala City. The child is eating wheat from the first day without any problem.

15. Surjeet Kaur, Guru Nanak Colony, Gali No 4. Ludhiana. Diagnosis- Cancer left breast with wide spread metastasis in vertebral bodies of spinal column pelvis and axillary lymph glands. She was unable to walk with stick in spite of the use of pain killers every few hours. She did not require stick or pain killers on 4th day of the camp. She is does not want to lose her hair in surgery, she prefers death than losing any hair with surgery. She is committed and devout Sikh. She says she won’t  get any treatment for her problem.

16. Paramjit Kaur, Vill. Rukan Shah, Distt Ferozepur. Diagnosis- Depression.  She had to take opium for sleeping and she was very upset. She is lot better now.

17, Simran Kaur Gill,  Dubai. Local contact phone98888 49785. Diagnosis- Multiple Myeloma. She was aneamic, blood in vomiting, no appetite; she used to feel giddy and used to fall down. She has complete transformation now. No vomiting and can eat normal food, her Hb has improved. She says she does not have any problem and feels energetic.

18. Manjit Kaur, Kopar Kharna, Bombay.  Diagnosis- OA joints, Leucoderma. Her joints are working better and there is better grip and no pain on walking.  Her hands were numb now these are better. She is happy now.

19. Harkeerat Singh age 1½ years, Field Ganj Ludhiana. Diagnosis-Epilepsy and chest infection. The child never laughed any time since birth. Now child is laughing and looking comfortable. His mother feels he would be cured.

20. Prabhjot Singh Lotey, Avtar Singh Nagar Ludhiana. Diagnosis-Bronchial asthma- allergies from dust and other unknown allergens from 3 years.

He says,” Waheguru ji khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh. All this time that I have spent in the camp. I felt really good. In the last 5 years I have taken a lot of medicines but now my belief is with regular naam and gurbani jaap. I will not require any medicine. During the camp, my appetite has increased, I have been breathing well. To conclude: I am very thankful to Guru Granth Sahib maharaj.May God bless me with naam gurbani and health. Thank you,


Prabhjot Singh Lotey[ Signed],

This mission is attached with Guru Granth Shiab maharaj and I would like to keep life long association with the mission and I give back whatever way I can.”

21. Paramjit Kaur, Mohalla Beant pura, Samrala Chowk, Ludhiana. Diagnosis- Sarcoidosis lungs. She had loss of appetite, breathlessness, unable to sleep and walk. She feels all round improvement.

22. Atamjit Singh, Model Town Jalandhar. Diagnosis- Chronic Kidney failure. This is the second camp in the last six months. His serum creatinine has decreased. He feels 100% better now.

23. Manpreet Singh age 12 years.  Vill. Bhuman, Distt. Mansa Diagnosis- impaired brain function since birth. Unable to walk.  Cannot speak, He is better now, had slept normally previously his sleep was disturbed.

24. Saroj Bala, Amloh Road, Khanna. Diagnosis-Epilepsy. Her dose had been reduced by herself and she is better than before. {We don’t to stop the medication] She is confident that her EEG due after 15 days would be normal.

25. Rekha, New Model Town, Khanna, Diagnosis-Eye sight problem. This is the second camp, she feels better now. She had allergic rhinitis and she did not sneeze at all. She used to have minimum 40 to 50 episodes of sneezing earlier per day.

26. Snigdha Chhabra aged 2 years.  Arys Samaj Pocket, Faridabad. Diagnosis-Thalassemia major. Her mother is confident that her child would be better. And this incurable disease would be relieved.

27. Harbhajan Singh,New Shiva ji Nagar Ludhiana. Diagnosis-Head injury after effects of. He was irritable all the time. Loss of memory. Easily annoyed.  Insomnia in spite of sleeping  pills. Anorexia. He is transformed man now. Sleeps well, eats well and is more social. Guru Sahib helped in cure that is what he has mentioned.




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